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Flight 370 passengers background checks

FBI took over the coordination of all data from flight. The Muslim Clerics in Greece are asking to see all documents on the pilot and staff of the boarding company from flight 370 files that the FBI is concealing. Greece knows what happened to the plane and the clerics want answers right now.

ARISTOCRAT News reports Flight 370 Found

Breaking news has been a long time coming about Flight 370. It appears that the plane has landed safely on a remote island right near the India Ocean town of Edeomella, a nation of 330 persons who have taken the passengers in. This was reported by the Aristocrat News Agency on August 31, 2014 at 10am Edeomella time. We are doing some research to see if this report is for real. More to be revealed.

As reported by The Pilots Dream, an airplane enthusiast newsletter that is based in Acadia Island. The plane went straight in to the water like a torpedo from a submarine. Minister of Defense from Acadia Island, Professor Shayna Raynor said. It is now being sought by an unmanned vessel. The black box has a weak signal thats blearing through our sonar device. More will be revealed says Professor Raynor.

USA found Flight 370